Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gillette, WY Update

I noticed it has been a few months since I've updated this blog. Below are just a few frames from my time so far working at the, News Record.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

New K-State Men's Basketball Coach, Bruce Weber

At 3p.m. in the Legend's Room inside Bramlage Coliseum today, Bruce Weber, was introduced as the new men's basketball coach at Kansas State University. I was checking twitter on my phone around 10 a.m. when I saw Weber had been selected as the new coach. Then, I saw the press conference to introduce him was today. I had plans of attending a speech by National Geographic photographer, Joel Sartore, at the Beach Museum on campus at 2 p.m., but I knew I had to be at the press conference. After a quick 30-minutes listening to Mr. Sartore (which was very interesting and something I did not want to leave, but did reluctantly) and rode (yes, rode, as in bicycle) to Bramlage Coliseum. Below are six images from the event.

K-State President, Kirk Schulz, helps new men's basketball coach, Bruce Weber, into a purple sports coat after Weber was introduced at a press conference inside Bramlage Coliseum on Saturday afternoon. Weber has won over 300 career games as an NCAA coach, and was most recently the head coach at Illinois.
New K-State men's basketball coach, Bruce Weber, sits beside his wife, Megan, during a press conference to introduce the new coach. Weber is replacing Frank Martin who resigned from K-State last week and took the head coaching position at the University of South Carolina. 
K-State Athletics Director, John Currie, shakes the hand of new men's basketball coach, Bruce Weber, at a press conference to introduce the new leader of the men's basketball program. 
New K-State men's basketball coach, Bruce Weber, addresses the media after being introduced by K-State Athletics Director, John Currie. Weber was accompanied by his wife, Megan, and met with the men's basketball players before the press conference. 
Bruce Weber is surrounded by members of the media after a press conference that was held to introduce him as the new men's basketball coach at Kansas State. Weber was most recently the head coach at Illinois. 
K-State basketball player, Will Spradling, is questioned by the media after, Bruce Weber, was introduced as the new men's basketball coach. Weber is replacing Frank Martin who recently resigned from K-State to take the head coaching position at the University of South Carolina.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Trayvon Martin Rally - Wichita, KS

     If you have listened to any sort of news within the last two weeks chances are you are familiar with the Trayvon Martin situation taking place in Florida currently. If you have not heard or would like more information, click here.
     A rally was held at 21st and Hillside, near the Wichita State University campus, this afternoon and was embodied by hundreds of protesters. The protest was peaceful, yet strong and united. Passers-by honked in support and some stopped to join the demonstration.
     Below are photos from the protest:

Tony Baker, right, yells through a megaphone to lead hundreds of people gathered to protest the shooting of Trayvon Martin at 21st and Hillside Friday afternoon. Martin was shot to death on Feb. 26 in Sanford, Florida by neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman, but the subsequent actions by Florida law enforcement and suspicious actions of Zimmerman have led to demonstrations across the nation.
While standing on a median at 21st and Hillside on Friday afternoon, Ron Mahomes, holds up posters regarding the death of Florida teenager, Trayvon Martin.
5-year-old Jace Donaldson holds up a poster during a demonstration in Wichita, KS on Friday afternoon where hundreds of people gathered in response to the Trayvon Martin situation in Florida.
Treva Smith holds a sign while standing in a median at 21st and Hillside on Friday afternoon during a demonstration about the death of Florida teenager, Trayvon Martin.
Juanita Blackmon, far right, leads a group of protesters down a sidewalk to a Wichita police substation near the Wichita State University campus on Friday afternoon during a Trayvon Martin demonstration.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oklahoma City

     I just got back from a 24-hour visit to Oklahoma City. My last Spring Break for my academic career is currently taking place, and I thought Oklahoma City would be a fun destination. Kansas City was another option, but I have been there more than I have been to OKC so the choice was made based on that.
     Finding the best local coffee shops is usually at the top of my list of things to do when traveling. OKC had several that I liked, and some that I didn't. Spending time at the Oklahoma City Memorial was also an experience (I visited OKC Memorial shortly after it opened after the bombing, but it is always something to see again).
     Leaving my camera and lenses behind in favor of using my iPhone to document the trip was a decision I made because I thought it would be a refreshing, fun experience. And it was. Below are several photos straight out of my iPhone.

Oklahoma City Memorial
The Survivor Tree
A family stands in front of the "Survivor" tree at the Oklahoma City Memorial.
Bark from the "Survivor" tree. The tree survived the horrific terrorist attack and its bark has fought off disease that would kill the tree.
Baristas at Coffee Slingers in Automobile Alley located in downtown Oklahoma City.
Oklahoma City

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fake Patty's Day 2012

     I walked down to Aggieville to photograph some of today's Fake Patty's Day celebration. This is a fake holiday that, in a nutshell, is a time to consume copious amounts of alcohol. I would describe it as a very, very condensed Mardi Gras-like atmosphere. The actual St. Patrick's Day falls during Spring Break, when a lack of students are around campus, so an annual event was created to take place the week before. People (mostly college students) come from around the state (a lot of KU people) and from out of state. As someone who does not drink alcohol, I found most of the festival goers to be fairly pleasant (at least the ones I encountered). However, some people didn't make it out without an encounter with the local police force (see below). Check out a small selection of photos below and thanks for looking at my blog!

Dancing in the middle of bagpipe and snare drum Irish band.
Surely this young lady has had better (Fake Patty's) days.
Aggieville, Fake Patty's Day 2012

Sunday, March 4, 2012

KSU vs. Oklahoma State - Men's Basketball

     Oklahoma State came to Bramlage Coliseum yesterday to take on the Wildcats in the regular season finale. It was also senior day for two players, Jamar Samuels and Victor Ojeleye. As far as the game, it was close in the first half but K-State pulled away in the second half and won fairly easily, 77-58. Next up is the Big 12 Tournament in Kansas City this week, and then wait to see what happens on selection Sunday.

K-State's two senior men's basketball players Jamar Samuels, left, and Victor Ojeleye wave farewell to the Bramlage Coliseum crowd as they are introduced before the start of Saturday's game against Oklahoma State. 

Victor Ojeleye's mother wipes away tears from her son's face as he is recognized before Saturday's basketball game at Bramlage Coliseum for being a senior. Ojeleye started for the Wildcats for the first time in his K-State career and helped his team beat the Oklahoma State Cowboys, 77-58.

After receiving a hard foul while going up for a basket and landing face first on the court, K-State center Jordan Henriquez is tended to by the training staff. The lanky Henriquez returned to the game a few plays later and ended the game with 16 points and 8 rebounds.

Wildcat forward Rodney McGruder drives to the basket during Saturday afternoons game against Oklahoma State at Bramlage Coliseum. McGruder led all scorers with 24 points in the game, as the Wildcats took care of business, winning, 77-58. K-State now heads to Kansas City for this weeks Big 12 Tournament.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Painted Ladies

     I had the opportunity to have a brief portrait session in the studio today with two ladies at Kansas State. I needed to shoot a few portraits for a class and since I am really into tattoo's, I decided I'd try to find some people with some cool ink. I work at the Collegian with Jakki, who has eight total tattoo's at just 18-years-old, and she was nice enough to talk to her friend Maria, who has several cool tattoo's herself, and got her to tag along for the shoot. Below are few photos from the 20-minute portrait session.


The ink quill on Jakki's right forearm is in memory of her tattoo artist that committed suicide.

Jakki and Maria are in the same sorority so they requested we end the session with a photo of the two of them together.

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