Friday, January 28, 2011

Kansas in Kansas

     On January 28, the band, Kansas, came to McCain Auditorium to play a concert in front of a sold out crowd. The band (with hits such as Dust In The Wind and Carry On My Wayward Son) was accompanied by the Kansas State University Orchestra. It was a long day of coverage as I went to the orchestras rehearsal before the concert, mostly to gather video for a VOSOT I am going to work on, and then later to cover the actual concert. What a great time for Kansas (the band) to come to Kansas (the state), as the state of Kansas turned 150 the following day (January 29).

The bands drum tech shows his permanent support and love for the band.

Guitar Player magazine as a mouse pad backstage. Now THAT is rock n' roll!

I caught Larry Baird, the Orchestral Music Director, doing his "Thriller" during the concert.

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